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Gallery 286 2018 Show images


An exhibition of twilight illumination artworks.

The low light illumination approximates to twilight at about 400lux and also subdued domestic interior lighting.

The artworks are the result of an evolving interest in dusk light perception. At dusk our vision is adapting from day to night vision. This features the purkinje shift, a colour perception anomaly named after the Czech scientist Jan Evangelista Purkyně (1787-1869). During this adaptation the perception of blue persists more strongly than the perception of red objects of the same tone. Blue objects appear to glow more strongly than at other times of the day.

Some pieces are sensitive to air movement and I call these "air kinetics". The most recent work features an induced illusion of movement and depth.

Andrew Ryder September 2013

Gallery 286 London 



Installation views

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