Andrew Ryder artist history 1974-1982

Andrew Ryder 1975-1982


Early wall studies 1974 (Leicester). This is relevant to my 2011 work


Reflected colour air mobile 1975 (Leicester)

This is probably the best piece I made at art school in Leicester. I had a brilliant tutor in Alan Welsford. The above piece used colour reflecting wind vein elements mounted upon plastic sprung supports.


Reflected colour mobile 1977 (Butlers wharf)

This was one of several pieces made in my first London studio. I shared studio space with Lawrence Graves, Nina Sobel and the incredible Ann Bean.


Cluster 1977 (Greenwich)

This was in my first Space studio and it was the first piece after art school that I regarded as successful.


Suspended cluster installation 1977 (Heatherley gallery, Pimlico)


The following three pieces were part of series which explored the effect of air movement upon, and the interrelationship within, an array of individually magnetised semi mobile elements.

Magnetic attraction suspended air kinetic 1978 (Clerkenwell)

This was my first studio north of the river.


Magnetic attraction wall kinetic 1978 (Clerkenwell)


Magnetic repulsion wall kinetic 1978 (Clerkenwell)


Magnetic repulsion wall kinetic 1979 (Clerkenwell)

Each sprung steel strip was individually magnetised and set, so like poles were adjacent


The following four pieces are from a period around 1980 when I worked at the Golden Nugget casino in Soho

The Island Queen was my pub of choice.

Susan in my studio (Clerkenwell) 1981. Susan Moodie was a graduate from Glasgow School of Art and a blackjack dealer at the casino

The following three pieces were part of a series exploring the visual harmony imposed upon an ordering device as a consequence of a connected constraint. The constraining order was the height and direction of the upper elements and my interest was in the activity of the wire support.

Bound paper and wire adjustment floor construction 1981 (Clerkenwell)

This piece still exists and is in my mothers attic


Hand twist adjustment floor construction 1982 (Clerkenwell)

I was quite fond of this piece. John Golding stepped into the middle of it, without comment


Floor construction 1982 (Clerkenwell)



Bound polythene floor construction 1982 (Clerkenwell)

I was interested in the way polythene carries an electro static charge which results in mutual repulsion.

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