Andrew Ryder artist history 1982-2005

Andrew Ryder 1983-2005


These single and multi motor mobiles used a suspended sprung steel switch to trigger a random pulse through the motors. The pulse was magnified by sprung wire extensions with feathers and streamers. These numerous, rather neurotic and impermanent pieces, twitched and fluttered and were quite popular.

Single motor mobile 1982 (Clerkenwell)

Studio show 1982 (Clerkenwell)


The following pieces with obvious sexual connotations were from a difficult and intense period around 1985 when I first worked in the animated film industry. Most of the acrylic paint was acquired while making cartoon commercials.




Drawing 1985


These three animated films were part of a series made using a 35mm rostrum camera and they explored rates of change. The first explored the sweep of the paint as it moved over a surface. The second the fading of images one into the other using overlapping mixes. The last explored the flow of back lit black molasses.

Animated painting 1986 35mm 5 minute animation (Clerkenwell)


Mixes 1987 35mm 5 minute multi exposure animated collage (Clerkenwell)

This film explored various rates and durations of still image mix. I used magazine cut outs shot under polar light. The formula for the mixes was derived by Michael Hammond an aeronautical engineer who worked with me at Disney.


Back light molasses 1989 35mm 4 minute animation recut for Whitechapel Open 1992 (Clerkenwell)

This footage was shot some years earlier and processed courtesy of Disney. At the time of the Whitechapel show I was deeply involved with my finance studies. It explored the flow of black molasses when backlit and coloured by filter. I cut the negative with the positive print.


Illuminated single motor mobile 1997 (Palace Wharf)


Illuminated double motor mobile 1997 (Palace Wharf)


Dervish 1998 (West Kensington) SOLD Gallery 286 (Mr Jonathan Ross)

I made this piece during a period when I was training to be a mevlevi dervish. The contrasting elements are suspended forward from the canvass by sprung wire.


West Kensington painting 2000 SOLD Mrs Y D S D Ryder (such a sweety)


Red and blue kinetic painting 2001 (West Kensington) SOLD

This piece hung in the flat for a long time. It was the first piece sold for me by Sandra Grbavic at her Chiswick gallery.


Expanded Foam painting 2004 SOLD (Miss Deniz Yesilamak)

I was interested in the constrained expansion of the foam. It expands in reaction to moisture and is unpredictable in damp conditions.


Sharm El Sheik air kinetic painting 2004 SOLD Mrs Vildan El Helw

The contrasting coloured elements are suspended forward from the canvass on sprung steel wire


Satet 2005 kinetic painting (700mm by 900mm) SOLD Gallery 286 (Mr Michael Waller-Bridge)

This was a dusk light colour piece to which I added a powered pulse mechanism.

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